The most popular tax increase in modern American history

Character matters: Matt Gaetz is why 'We agree on some things' is a horrible excuse to befriend and work with scoundrels

Why is the Huffington Post lying about Deb Haaland's position infrastructure?

Hidden gem in Biden's infrastructure plan: dismantling the white, male veneer of the 'working class'

They need each other: The peacock left cries out for Trump's return to Twitter as interest in clickbait politics plummets

How Biden torched the myth of "border crisis," and why the media is desperate to hold onto it

Watch what they do: how the media showed their hands about the hyped "border crisis"

Exactly zero COVID deaths would have been prevented by Medicare for All

In defense of Barack Obama and a transformative presidency

The Atlanta shooter's "sex addiction" excuse is a bunch of malarkey. It's also an admission of hate crimes.

On the road again: A victory lap for the future

"But when will he hold a solo presser?" - A whiny beltway press demands presidential pampering

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