The beltway media's hero complex is taking a beating, and they are big mad about it

Joe Biden DID punish MBS for the Khashoggi killing, and it's hiding in plain sight

The Woke Left's very own "deep state" conspiracy theory: Why attacks on the Senate Parliamentarian are disingenuous and problematic

Why the Senate Parliamentarian made the right call on the minimum wage

Overruling the Senate Parliamentarian on the minimum wage is a horrible idea

The far left is complicit in every deportation right now

Poutrage left suggests kicking unaccompanied migrant children out on the streets to fend for themselves

Congressional abdication on student debt is NOT a threshold issue for Black voters, no matter what Elizabeth Warren says.

Medicare-for-All partisans want to end private health insurance. But those who have Medicare are flocking to private coverage in droves.

Dishonest and shameful: Warren and Schumer's blatantly deceptive misdirection on student loans

Trust but E-Verify: Mitt Romney's minimum wage overture should not be dismissed for fear of employment verification

Democrats didn't 'cave': Why placing the damning Trump-McCarthy phone call into impeachment evidentiary record through stipulation was better than witness testimony

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