Q: Who are you?

A: Please see our 'About' page.

Q: What is this site about?

Reclaim the Fight exists to support pragmatic liberalism and arm people with the information and analysis we need to dispel ideological myths. The mission of Reclaim the Fight is to center liberal pragmatism and ruthlessly repudiate the far left in the analysis of public policy and current events.

Q: Why do we need Reclaim the Fight? There seems to be enough left and right outlets in politics.

A: The pragmatic left is severely underrepresented in the media landscape and the national political discourse, despite the fact that pragmatists represent the vast majority of the progressive movement. The pragmatic voice is underrepresented on the political right as well, but at least on the right, outlets like the Lincoln Project have created a successful model to push against the radical right.

Q: Why is something like this needed now?

A: The Lincoln Project got there too late. The radical right rose for decades with the encouragement of mainstream conservatives (looking for votes) before Trump’s cult swallowed the conservative movement whole. The progressive movement must be weary of the same from far-leftists and guard against it now.

Q: Are you a reporter? Is this a news site?

A: No. This site is focused on providing analysis, not original reporting. That doesn’t mean we won’t participate in occasional press calls or that RTF’s analysis won’t discover previously-unreported angles on a story, but ‘reporting’ is not our primary purpose. Analysis is.

Q. I’m sold. How can I help?

A: Thank you so much! You can help in the following ways:

  • Please consider making a contribution (click on link or use the 'Fund the Fight link on the bottom right of your screen) and if you can afford it, please consider making it monthly.
  • Please share your favorite content from RTF on social media.
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Q: Can I write for you?

A: If you agree with the mission of Reclaim the Fight and wish to volunteer some labor of love, absolutely! Please send an email to info@reclaimthefight.com with the following:

  • What you want to write about (if you have an area of focus),
  • What writing experience you have (if any), and
  • Why you want to write.

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