Marie Newman, Another Bernie Democrat Caught in a Web of Corruption

Damning, Deafening Silence: Ro Khanna Refuses to Breathe a Word of Protest as His "Friend" Matt Gaetz Guns for Khanna's Own Constituents (Updated)

Medicare for All Would Have Likely Resulted in Worse Pandemic Outcomes for Poor and Minority Communities, Data Shows

Democrats Must Excise the Scourge of Antisemitism in Our Ranks Before It's Too Late

A Squad of Pro-Insurrection Hypocrites: Every Leftist Who Voted Against Capitol Security Received Extra Personal Security at Taxpayer Expense

A Critique of Restorative Justice

Kevin McCarthy Has Forfeited His Right to Appoint Members to the 1/6 Commission

Roe at Risk: How the Far Left Helped Donald Trump Put a Woman's Right to Choose in Peril

Is the CDC Moving Too Fast to End Mask Requirements? An Explanation of What's Behind Today's Recommendations.

"Settler Colonialism": Meet The Far Left's Version of "Jews Will Not Replace Us"

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