Obama's response to Russia sets up battle between Trump and Congressional GOP

Merry Christmas - Let these holidays be a time of resolve

People who voted to drain the swamp are about to get eaten by the alligators

If Democrats are serious about reforming the electoral college, we must start by nixing caucuses

The "faithless electors" thing was a dud. Here's the hard, principled way to undermine the electoral college.

Obama's last battles are our frontlines

Primal nonsense: A message to "progressive" radicals who voted Trump to punish Democrats

A press obsessed with sensation: President Obama diagnoses the cancer on American democracy

We're not 'delegitimizing' Trump. He was never legitimate to begin with.

Defining the #NotNormal: Frame Trump as a corrupt, inept, lightweight bully

Bring. It. On. California is loaded for bear in legislative battle against Trump

With full Russian coup, Trump is now a threat to sovereignty of the United States

Corrupt and inept: Trump's Softbank deal sold American consumers to a Saudi-Japanese fund for free

Our girl: How Hillary Clinton paved the way for Democrats to lock up 300 electoral votes within a generation

#TheResistance takes shape in California as legislature introduces bills to protect immigrants and Muslims

Trump's tariff is a huge tax increase hiding in plain sight for lower and middle classes

For #TheResistance, California will be the center of gravity - and prologue

Trump voters are getting what they deserve, and I haven't the slightest sympathy

Why "progressives" lose: they hate compromise - with friends

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