Defining the #NotNormal: Frame Trump as a corrupt, inept, lightweight bully

Despite the media's desperate attempts to tell us otherwise, Donald Trump's illegitimate ascent to power is not being normalized in the minds of the American people. Trump's post-election performance has a historically low approval of 4 in 10, and that's after accounting for the honeymoon factor presidents-elect enjoy after an election is over, and his post-election running-of-the-mouth bravado is seen disapprovingly by more than 8 in 10 Americans.

While keeping up the the pressure against normalizing the worst of racism, sexism, homophobia and xenophobia is a key premise to the resistance against Donald Trump, it is also our responsibility to define what Trump - and a possible Trump presidency - is in addition to what it is not.

Donald Trump - and his transition organization - is corrupt, inept, lightweight and reactionary.

It is not hard to show. Trump has nominated people to serve at the highest ranks of our governments that are either completely unqualified for the positions they have been nominated for or have the mission of subjugating the United States government to the very interests it is supposed to regulate. Or both. Usually both.

Not only did Trump himself have no clue just how much of a job the presidency would be - he wants to be a part-time president, did not know he'd need to hire a staff - he is handing out government jobs to corporate cronies whose sole mission is to be foxes guarding henhouses. For Secretary of Treasury, he has picked a man who's made billions by forcing people out of their homes. For the chair of the Council of Economic Advisers, he's chosen literally the man at the helm of the banking giant that tee'd off the Great Recession in 2008 and received billions in taxpayer bailout. For the Department of Defense, he's nominated a disgraced general who was fired because he couldn't wait to bomb Iran. For the Environmental Protection Agency, Trump has picked a fossil fuel whore who is literally suing the EPA for protecting the environment.

And today the the Orange Mushroom Cloud soon coming to DC announced his choice for Secretary of State - the position just behind the Speaker of the House and President Pro-tem of the Senate in the line of presidential succession - a Texas oil tycoon who has never held public office and whose only claim to fame is that he has appeased Russia with oil deals. Vladimir Putin himself couldn't have picked a better bootlicker, except perhaps for the loser who lost the vote of the American people by 3 million.

The coup underway to turn the sovereignty of the United States over to financial cronies and oil giants at the behest of a foreign power is as maddening as it is breathtaking.

Team Trump is assembling is at its core rotten, corrupt, and incompetent, matching the corruption and incompetence of Trump himself. Let us not forget this is a man who has bragged about cheating the American people of vital tax dollars, had to settle a lawsuit against his fake university for $25 million, literally bribed corporations so he could claim credit for a few hundred jobs and lied about investments in America, and to this day refuses intelligence briefings. This is the same man who believes he can produce a reality show in his "spare time" while president, the same man who has refused to give up his business empire that a growing body of evidence shows is harming US interests.

Yet, you cannot keep the next leader of the free world from being infected with the projectile vomiting version of tweeting if he should find the slightest criticism directed his way. He's a bully who lashes out at everything and everyone not properly surrendering to his Lord and Savior Vladimir Putin while sticking fingers in his ears. He is still the man you can bait with a tweet, but now he's also the bad hairday that a mere 80,000 voters in the rusted states decided should have the nuclear codes.

So, this is not just a meme. Framing Donald Trump as a corrupt, inept, lightweight bully is not just a way to depict him for the Left. Framing him this way is the correct way to describe the man, his team, and his upcoming horrifying 4-year tour of DC. Donald Trump is not normal. He's not even normal corrupt, or normal incompetent or a normal bully. His corruption and ineptitude is a threat to the union itself.

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