Trump voters are getting what they deserve, and I haven't the slightest sympathy

This morning, the story is out that a Trump voter finds herself duped by Donald Trump's pick for Treasury Secretary. Steven Mnuchin is not just a foreclosure king, it turns out that he foreclosed on this Trump voter's personal home and rental properties that were her main source of income.

““I just wish that I had not voted,” said [Trump voter Teena] Colebrook, 59. “I have no faith in our government anymore at all. They all promise you the world at the end of a stick and take it away once they get in.” [...]

Colebrook wishes she could meet with Trump to explain why she feels betrayed by his Cabinet selection after believing that his presidency could restore the balance of power to everyday people.

”He doesn’t want the truth,” she said. “He’s now backing his buddies.””

Oh. Mygod. Is she serious? Why on God's green earth would one believe that a man who spent all his life living in a literal golden tower was suddenly going to "restore the balance of power to everyday people"? Why would one believe that the man who's spent his entire life taking advantage of the vulnerable would suddenly become their champion? Why would one believe that Donald Trump would do anything but exactly what he's doing right now, putting his millionaire and billionaire corporate buddies who got rich by, like him, sucking on the poor and the middle class like leeches?

Were these people not listening when President Obama and Hillary Clinton again and again and again reminded voters these very things on the campaign trail? Was the appeal of hashtag-drain-the-swamp so powerful that it made people ignore everything right in front of their eyes?

Colebrook's troubles began with the Great Recession as a result of the same deregulation that Trump is pursuing and at the end of the term of a president who accelerated its pace and crashed the economy. She ignored the advice of the president who brought that economy back from absolute abyss, reinstituted regulation, created 16 million jobs and brought the unemployment rate down to 4.6%. She voted for a man who expressly promised to let banks run wild again. And now she's got buyers' remorse? Now?

No. She doesn't get to be the victim. The 5.5 million Trump voters who are now looking at the loss of health care coverage and be left with no health insurance when they get sick don't get to be the victims. Trump voters who are now angry that Trump is in talks with fellow billionaire Mitt Romney for Secretary of State don't get to be the victims. Trump voters who bought his snake oil that he wouldn't be fully cooperative with a Republican Congress in ravaging Social Security and Medicare don't now get to be the victims.

Trump voters are getting what they voted for, and they are getting what they deserve: a corrupt corporate overlord selling our government cheaply, installing a kleptocracy and robbing blind the useful idiots who cast their ballots for him. In fact, people like Colebrook deserve to get the brunt of Trump's abuse, because they, despite being begged not to, bought Trump's bullshit sandwich with honey mustard.

Well, I hope they enjoy it.

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