Primal nonsense: A message to "progressive" radicals who voted Trump to punish Democrats

 After an election campaign where Russia hacked, Wikileaks leaked, and the media played willing instruments of a foreign power whose goal was the selection of Donald Trump as president, Hillary Clinton still won nearly 3 million more votes than the supposed victor. Even after an election in which the far Left, the entire Right and a foreign power joined forces to drive a false narrative of the Democratic nominee as untrustworthy, it is her opponent looking to enter the oval office with the lowest of approval ratings in memory.

But that isn't stopping the media's attempt to portray the Democratic party in tatters. An essay out this weekend in Politico Magazine depicts the story of a black "progressive" woman in Colorado who voted for Donald Trump along with her chronically ill son, out of her "disgust" for the Democratic party and its "establishment." Rhetorically, Politico asks if Democrats will care enough to win her (and people like her) back.

Rhetorical or not, there should not be any consternation about the clear answer to that question. No. The likes of Kim Cohen (the star of Politico's story) not only have no place in shaping the Democratic party of the future, they have written themselves out of any positive aspects of the American experiment itself.

Democrats should not be pursuing the vote of someone who believes that their personal misgivings with the Democratic party is so important that they have "nothing to lose" by handing over the levers of power to the most corrupt, regressive regime in at least a century. The Democratic party should not be salivating over the vote of someone whose manufactured outrage against the Democratic party "establishment" is enough to overcome any semblance of patriotism.

And no, the Democratic party should not care that Cohen is a black woman, rather than a member of the much vaunted "white working class" ghost they have heretofore been implored to chase. Not only is Cohen out of steps with over 90% of black women who voted for Hillary Clinton, Cohen is the classic example of a radical progressive narcissist who deserves no second thought from the Democratic party.

Cohen, as her Politico profile cites, was a supporter of Dennis Kucinich in 2004. A lifelong anti-abortionist who became pro-choice a hot second prior to mounting a bid for the Democratic nomination that year, Congressman Kucinich's major campaign platform revolved around a hypothetical "Department of Peace", a brand new federal department that Kucinich envisioned would focus on diplomacy, dialog, and peaceful resolutions to the world's problems so that military force did not have to be used. Evidently the fact that such a department already existed in the Department of State was irrelevant.

Since that campaign, Cohen, whose current husband is best known for creating films sympathetic to Red China and East Germany, was aghast that Democrats dared to fund the troops on the field in Iraq after Democrats gained control of Congress in 2007. For this sin of not leaving American soldiers to die without protection on the battlefield in a war they disagreed with, Cohen's disdain with the Democratic party grew until she found Bernie Sanders. The irony of her falling in love with the man who had himself voted to fund our soldiers in Iraq along with Democratic leaders she so despises shall go unnoticed in this story, lest it damage the narrative of pure Leftist populism.

When Sanders lost the primary battle to Clinton - because evidently to their fault, the Democratic party had not set up a process in which the white man with millions of fewer votes still wins - Cohen willingly bought Russian propaganda about the DNC hook, line and sinker. Cohen ignored the dire warnings against a Trump presidency by Bernie Sanders himself, and voted for Trump. Her pro-East-Germany husband wrote in Bernie Sanders in his general election ballot.

Now, she says it was a protest vote.

Guess what, Mrs. Cohen? No one gives a damn. There is no moral superiority to Cohen's vote for Trump out of protest and a white supremacist's vote for Trump out of the feeling that people like your son should be shot first and asked questions later by the police.

Kim Cohen says she voted for Donald Trump because she wanted to burn down the party that wouldn't give the nomination to her favorite candidate. The reasoning for many other "typical" Trump voters is not so different. They too wanted the entire system leveled with a wrecking ball because they did not see it personally benefit them enough.

This is not the "primal scream" of a responsible activist. This is the hollow tamper tantrum of self-important, bitter soul. This was not a vote of protest ; this was a vote of selfishness. This was an act of elevating personal bitterness over the future of the country, indeed the future of the world.

Because of Cohen's selfish act, our country now faces 4 years of the modern day George Wallace in the White House. As Democrats and Americans of good will, we will fight this existential threat together. We will fight this threat tirelessly.

But we will not fight it by placating this primal nonsense.

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