About Reclaim the Fight:

In the age of viral social media posts and a media increasingly skewed toward chaos, our political discourse has become a competition to see who can add the greatest amount of fuel to their respective extreme's fires. The phenomenon is obvious on the far right, replete with conspiracy theories and alternate universes, but it has become a stark problem on the far left as well.

On the far left in particular, a political theory that if you burn it all down, something utopian will emerge from the ashes has emerged as a favorite, despite the fact that history is filled with nothing but counterexamples. What's more, this fantastical belief in and longing for political magic has created a generation of self-inflicted voter depression, handing important electoral victories to the radical right.

Formerly known as The People's View, the primary mission of Reclaim the Fight is to center liberal pragmatism and ruthlessly repudiate the far left in the analysis of public policy and current events. 

We envision American political discourse dominated by respect, moderation, and pragmatism.


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