Cornel West: Nina Turner Was “Robbed” Because Shontel Brown Won Too Many Absentee Ballots. Also, Jews.

Cornel West

I didn't expect it, but I should have. Nina Turner stan has found a new excuse for her unexpected and crushing loss: early voters!

Prominent Turner backer Prof. Cornel West, who recently left the Harvard University faculty while accusing the administration of being controlled by Jews, went on far-left media figure Tim Black's YouTube show, where the two kindred spirits forged the case that Nina Turner hadn't really lost but was robbed due to two primary factors: absentee ballots, and Jews.

After some pleasantries - or, one assumes, what counts as pleasantries among the far left bubble - Black claimed that Turner was "robbed" by nefarious forces, and asked West to weigh in about what happened. West began with what a wonderful spiritual person Turner is, before going right for the Trump logic: Turner won the election day vote, West said, and the only reason she lost was because of early and mail-in voting coming in for "affluent" (in this case, code for 'Jewish') areas.


Source: Tim Black TV YouTube Channel

There are several major problems with what happened in this clip. Let's take them chronologically.

First, Tim Black's claim that Nina Turner was "robbed." It reeks of entitlement. After all, you can only be 'robbed' of something that belongs to you. Black's characterization of the results as Turner being 'robbed' implicitly endorses the idea that Nina Turner was entitled to this seat, and that it was somehow taken away from her.

Nina Turner was not entitled to a seat in Congress. She, just like any other public servant, needed to have earned the trust and the votes of the people of the district. But the fact that her defenders are framing their loss in the language of entitlement tells us something about their mindset.

Second, and perhaps most glaringly, is West's Trump-like willingness to delegitimize voters who cast their ballots by a means other than election day, in-person voting. Donald Trump's big lie isn't created around a similar precept in presidential battleground states from last year; it is created on the exact same precept. This is just as abhorrent.

But that is not all. West's Trumpian claim - which appears to have come from Turner herself - is also false. According to data available from Cuyahoga and Summit County Boards of Elections (which are the only two counties in the district), Shontel Brown won both the in-person election day vote and the early vote.

Shontel Brown received a total of 15,220 combined votes from mail-in ballots and early in-person voting, according to data available as of this writing, to Nina Turner's 11,438. Brown also defeated Turner in election-day ballots, albeit by a smaller margin. Brown received 20,413 votes from election day ballots. Turner got 19,748 votes.

The broader reason for this argument, though, was to give the false impression that Nina Turner won the Black vote, while Brown had to be buoyed by the high turnout from affluent Jewish suburbs - who were influenced by Brown's support for Israel and a pro-Israel PAC's ads in the race - for her margin of victory. West argued that the early vote (in person and by mail) came from the wealthy Jewish areas, while the day-of vote was dominated by the urban Black vote.

This, in addition to being highly antisemitic, is also, once again, factually incorrect. According to a precinct-by-precinct analysis, not only does Shontel Brown appears to have won the Black vote, Nina Turner's strength appears to have come from white parts of Cleveland as well as University of Akron, a 75% white campus in a 53% Black district.

The truth about this election is simple. Shontel Brown won the Black vote and the white vote. Shontel Brown won by listening to her constituents, and she won because she created a Black-Jewish electoral alliance that the far left appears not only to hate, but to genuinely fear.

Nina Turner lost because she, like her surrogate Prof. West, specializes in driving people away.

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