With full Russian coup, Trump is now a threat to sovereignty of the United States

 There are many reasons why Donald Trump cannot legitimately serve as president of the United States, even if we leave aside his devastating loss in the popular vote. Trump's clear attempts to help his business from his position of governmental power, his payments from foreign governments. his blowing off of intelligence briefings, his monumental screw-ups on international diplomacy and his transition team's coup attempt of the US government by installing foxes to guard henhouses are just a few such reasons.

But the biggest reason is this: it has now been conclusively proven and accepted by the CIA that Russia deliberately helped Donald Trump win the election. In explosive reports over the last couple of days, the Washington Post and the New York Times have reported on not only Russian goal of helping Trump but their method: hacking both DNC and RNC emails, but only releasing DNC (and Clinton campaign) emails through Wikileaks. I have chosen my words carefully here in saying Russia released the emails through Wikileaks rather than to Wikileaks: I want to leave no doubt that there is no longer reason to believe that Wikileaks is anything more or less than an effective propaganda arm of Kremlin.

Combine this with the fact that Russians generated hundreds and thousands of fake news and clickbait sites and stories to push this propaganda (and other complete lies) on American social media channels in what now appears to clearly be a concerted, coordinated effort.

Russia's selective release and their coordinated fake news dump - entirely one sided, entirely meant to achieve what the CIA has now confirmed was their preferred outcome, the election of Donald Trump - carry two chilling conclusions: first, that when Hillary Clinton warned us that Donald Trump would be a Russian puppet in the Oval Office, she was correct. Second, the one explanation that makes the most sense as the reason for the Kremlin not releasing the Republican emails, besides for their plan to hurt Clinton, is that those emails are now a terrifying tools to blackmail a President Trump and Republicans in DC.

This blackmail may already be under way. It may just be one reason Trump has consistently and terrifyingly publicly disavowed a consensus in the intelligence community that Russia is even behind those hacks, and is still trashing US intelligence in favor of his puppetmaster Putin. It may be why Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell blocked the release of this information to the American public. It may be why Trump has vowed to destroy NATO, the western military alliance that Russia has always hated. This blackmail may be why Trump's right hand man on national security also appeared at the right hand of Vladimir Putin at an event celebrating the Russian propaganda channel RT.

With President Obama ordering a full investigation of Russia's interference into this year's elections and with intelligence consensus growing that Russia deliberately and systematically planned to sway the elections to Trump, every single one of Trump's statements and actions is clouded by his Russian debt, electoral and financial. Every single one of Trump's statements and actions must be viewed in light of whether such statements and actions are desired outcomes of Moscow. Every time Trump dismisses an intelligence community judgment, one cannot escape the very real, raw and true possibility that he is merely a covert asset of the KGB, compromised by blackmail, saying and doing whatever is in Putin's interest.

The dramatic transformation of the Republican party from Ronald Reagan's branding of the Soviet Union as the Evil Empire to Donald Trump's full acquiescence and surrender to a Russian dictator seeking to restore the glory of the former Soviet Union is breathtaking. But it's also dangerous.

At this point, it is no longer simply a question of one person's fitness to serve in the highest office in the land. Donald Trump's elevation by the electoral college is now a serious threat to the very sovereignty of the United States.

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