Poutrage left suggests kicking unaccompanied migrant children out on the streets to fend for themselves


Since the Washington Post reported on Monday that the Biden administration has opened a facility in Texas to house unaccompanied children who are coming across the southern border, the professional podcast left has had a field day attempting to equate the humane procedures President Biden is putting in place with those of the monstrosity that the Trump administration built with children who they separated as a matter of policy to try to discourage asylum seekers.

Democratic Socialists of America demanded that ICE be abolished in response to the report, evidently unaware that the facility will be run by the Department of Health and Human Services - the same federal agency they want to be in charge of providing healthcare to everybody - not the Homeland Security, which the Immigration and Customs Enforcement is under. Rep. Jamaal Bowman of New York, a new "squad" recruit, said the phrase "migrant facility for children should not be in our government's vocabulary." Activists and socialist candidate for Virginia governor Lee Carter called the facility "kids in cages."

Mark Weber, a spokesperson for the Department of Health and Human Services, went on the record for the Post report to state that the facility in Texas is necessary as a temporary housing solution for unaccompanied migrant children while the Office of Refugee Resettlement processes the necessary documents and background checks to find and place them with sponsors within the United States. White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki confirmed the same in response to a loaded question from Fox News' Peter Doocy.

Both Weber and Psaki also clarified that the coronavirus restrictions on social distancing as well as President Biden's reversal of Donald Trump's inhumane policy that unaccompanied minors be expelled or be forced to wait in Mexico.

The facility, and any other like it, will be closed when COVID restrictions end.

So to recap, the Trump administration forcibly separated migrant children from their parents on broad scale and a matter of policy and created an unaccompanied minor crisis. As one of its first orders of business, the Biden administration set up a task force - chaired by the Secretary of Homeland Security - to reunite separated children with their families. The Trump administration forced migrants fleeing violence to wait in Mexico indefinitely. President Biden ended that. Under the Trump administration's watch, six migrant children died in immigration custody before the pandemic. The Biden administration is taking steps to make sure the migrant children are safe during the pandemic by opening up facilities that can safely house them.

Or as leftists like to say, it's the same thing!

In the midst of the poutrage fest, however, no one bothered to address what they think should happen with children who come across the US-Mexico border without being accompanied by an adult - for whom this latest facility was repurposed and opened. If they disagree with how the Biden administration is housing and safekeeping the children until a sponsor can be located and background-checked, what do they think should be done?

Should unaccompanied migrant children not have a place to stay? Should they be thrown out on the streets with no adult to look after them? Should they be forced to fend for themselves? Or, for the purposes of optics, should the administration keep from making additional facilities available for the children to stay so that social distancing among them becomes impossible and a killer pandemic runs rampant among them and then follows them to the homes and families of their sponsors once they are released to a sponsor?

Because that is exactly what these professional leftists are suggesting happen, in effect if not in so many words. Children either have shelter or they don't. Leftists are arguing that the Biden administration is wrong to provide them shelter that is in keeping with health and development needs.

Why? Because they don't actually care about the answers, and they don't care about the children. They care about using the children to team up with Fox News to take an easy and cheap swipe at a Democratic administration working day and night to fix the disaster that Donald Trump left.

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