Weekday White House: POTUS is not a pundit

Today's White House press conference by Jen Psaki was shorter than usual. Psaki continued with her usual grace and message discipline, keeping the focus on COVID relief and vaccination, not an easy task given the backdrop of Donald Trump's impeachment trial proceeding in the United States Senate.


  • As the White House has said for days, the President is firm on his demand of economic relief to working individuals and families, and for states, local, and tribal governments.
  • The President's plan enjoys broad bipartisan support from the American people as well as economists from across the political spectrum.
  • White House COVID Response Coordinator Jeffrey Zients announced a new program with federally qualified health centers, better known as community health centers, as well as mobile vaccination sites, to deliver vaccination to vulnerable and low-resource communities.
  • Weekly vaccine distribution is now up 28% since the President took office on January 20.
  • POTUS is slated to meet with the COVID response team later today
  • CBO report on minimum wage included good things, like raising wages for 27 million people (ahem, I think someone is reading).

  • The White House has asked most US Attorneys under Donald Trump to resign, as is norm. The US Attorney who is investigating Hunter Biden's taxes as well as the Delaware US Attorney have been asked to stay. John Durham will remain as special counsel investigating the origins of the Trump-Russia inquiry, but will need to resign his position as US Attorney for Connecticut.
  • The Senate has confirmed Denis McDonough as Secretary of Veterans Affairs.
  • The President is not a pundit, and it's not his job to offer the Senate advice on Donald Trump's impeachment.
  • The President revoked Trump's EO 13891 because it made it too difficult and cumbersome to release information to citizens and small businesses.
  • The United States wants to have our own public health investigators to have access to China, not just the WHO.
Let's do this again tomorrow.

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