The far left is complicit in every deportation right now

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On his first day in office, President Joe Biden signed an executive order putting a moratorium on most deportations for 100 days as the administration began a review of removal priorities and guidelines. But before his first week in office was over, a Trump-appointee on the federal district court for the Southern District of Texas halted the order's implementation, and on Tuesday night, the same judge indefinitely enjoined the government from implementing the President's policy.

Drew Tipton is one of Donald Trump's extraordinarily large number of appointees to the federal courts, including three Supreme Court Justices, unheard for a one-term president. Tipton is a member of the ultraconservative Federalist Society and was confirmed on a purely party-line vote less than a year ago.

Why discuss all this? Because put it in short, the only reason there is not a deportation moratorium in effect right now is because Republicans controlled the Senate and Donald Trump became president in 2017 instead of Hillary Clinton. And Donald Trump became president, in no small part, because of the American far left's antipathy, driven by Bernie Sanders's poisoning of the well, towards a compassionate, eminently qualified woman.

Leftists helped Donald Trump drive up Hillary Clinton's negatives by using every right-wing smear campaign aided by Russian propaganda. Led by Bernie Sanders, they dragged on the Democratic primary in 2016 for much longer than Sanders had even an outsized chance of winning the contest, berated her for daring to make a living as a private citizen, and celebrated and amplified selective leaks from outlets working for and directly cooperating with the Kremlin, like RT and Wikileaks.

Even after Bernie Sanders exited the race, his fans openly campaigned for Jill Stein, the Green Party candidate with ties to Vladimir Putin and Trump confidants like Michael Flynn. Stein had offered to step aside as the Green Party nominee to make room for Bernie Sanders, but Sanders never took her up on the offer. Far left media figures like Chris Hayes famously claimed that not only was it not worth choosing Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump in 2016's general election but that Donald Trump may well be the favorable candidate over Clinton for the left. Susan Sarandon, the celebrity actor and Bernie Sanders superfan, urged voters on the left to vote for Trump in order to accelerate the coming of the revolution.

And so, even if the claims of eight-in-ten Sanders supporters who voted in the 2016 general election having voted for Hillary Clinton are correct, there is no doubt that leftist reactionaries joined forces with the far right to severely depress Democratic turnout in critical states in November of 2016, helping to deliver to Donald Trump the White House even though Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by 3 million votes.

2016 was not the only time the far left had helped Republicans win. In the previous eight years, they did their level best to attack and bloody President Obama, blame Democrats their incapacity to be the party of Genies, and sign up on the side of some of the most racist and reactionary elements of GOP opposition to Obama, including the rejection of free trade and fake outrage over the use of technology that saves American lives in theaters of combat.

The leftist dumping on President Obama resulted in two landslide midterm election losses for Democrats: in 2010, Democrats lost the House for daring to deliver health care to 20 million people, and in 2014, thanks to leftist propaganda keeping Democratic voters home, Democrats lost 9 seats in the Senate, going from 54 seats to 45. That gave Mitch McConnell the opportunity he needed to hold up over 100 Obama judicial nominees for Trump to fill, including the seat that he stole from Merrick Garland and gave to Neil Gorsuch.

Nullifying Joe Biden's deportation moratorium is not the only thing the invigorated Trump-McConnell right wing judiciary will do to make progress difficult at every stage. Liberal policies will be more difficult to enact, regulations will be harder to propagate, and progress will hit major stumbling blocks.

And the far left is complicit in all of this.

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