Breaking: Steve Bannon's Departure Does Not De-Nazify the White House

 News is breaking that Steve Bannon - the man who used to be the face of the American Nazi Right before Donald Trump took over that title - is being let go as the Chief Strategist for Trump.

This. Means. Nothing.

Let me remind what the President of the United States has done over just the past week, and he didn't need Bannon's help to do it.

  • Equated Nazis - at least one of whom is a murderer also - with people who were protesting Nazis.
  • Said there were some "very fine people" marching with the Nazis and the KKK.
  • Took three days to condemn Nazis, then took one day to defend them again.
  • Pretended not to know the facts about Nazis marching in an American city and killing an American.

And that is just the president. Just in the past week. This is to say nothing of a "presidential" commission asking states to turn over voter data in an unsecure format without safeguards so they can go ghost-hunting for alleged illegal voters. This is to say nothing of a DOJ going back to locking up black and brown people for nonviolent offenses. This is to say nothing a president and a party that rose to power by lying about a black president's birthplace.

Removing Steve Bannon won't cure the cancer on the White House, and it won't cure the cancer on America. Only the removal of Trump and the modern day Republican racist, sexist, bigoted ideology will.

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