Trump and Puerto Rico: More than a Failed President. A Failed Human Being.

 Puerto Rico is devastated. Millions of our fellow Americans are without clean water, without food, without electricity, without means of getting help. Relief supplies are waiting on shipping docks, and local officials aren't buying Trump administration's excuse that the roads are blocked. Even the leader of the US military response on the ground admits the response is badly inadequate. Army Corps of Engineers is comparing Puerto Rico today to Iraq in 2003.

But the president of the United States, instead of doing everything he can to help Americans, has gone golfing. When he took a break from golfing, he took the break to pick a fight with the mayor of San Juan, who had the galls to speak out for her people and call out Trump's FEMA for patting itself in the back while an entire American island is still as ravaged today as it was when Hurricane Maria hit. This morning, Trump went after Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz on Twitter, attacking her with fire and fury one might have thought was only reserved for North Korea.

Puerto Rico, of course, is not the lone US territory devastated by a natural disaster being victimized again by Trump's pathetic response he thinks can be excused by "big ocean." The US Virgin Islands are being essentially being forgotten by both Trump and the media, the delegate representing the territory told Joy Reid this morning. 

Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands are shaping up to be Donald Trump's Katrina, and the predominant non-white populations of both territories cannot be ignored as a factor.

Dereliction of duty doesn't even begin to describe what Trump is doing here. He is bereft of empathy, incapable of reviewing his own catastrophic mistakes, and devoid of a human soul. This man is not just unfit to be president. He is a tyrannical psychopath with an inferiority complex. Trump isn't just a failure as president. He is a failure as a human being.

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