Pardon Me: Paul Manafort is F*cked and Trump Can't Help Him

 As everyone and their sixth cousins know by now, Manafort’s sentencing in federal cases is complete. A judge in DC added a net 3.5 years to his 4-year sentence from Virginia, and that’s that. The DC sentence of 7.5 years run concurrently, rather than consecutively with the Virginia sentence, meaning that Manafort will serve 7-and-a-half years of the potential maximum of about 30 years for all the charges.

But fret not. When Manafort is done serving his time in federal prison - or if he gets out early or Trump pardons him - New York state prison will likely be waiting to take custody. Today, Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance charged Manafort with mortgage fraud, conspiracy, and other charges that Manafort could be facing up to 25 years in prison for.

Here are the charges he is facing in New York:

Residential Mortgage Fraud in the First Degree, a class B felony, 3 counts

- Attempted Residential Mortgage Fraud in the First Degree, a class C felony, 1 count

- Conspiracy in the Fourth Degree, a class E felony, 3 counts

- Falsifying Business Records in the First Degree, a class E felony, 8 counts

- Scheme to Defraud in the First Degree, a class E felony, 1 count

The cool thing, of course, is that Donald Trump cannot pardon Paul Manafort against state charges. For that, Manafort would have to go begging - or singing - to New York authorities, including Gov. Cuomo.

At the end of the day, chances are still good that Manafort will spend the rest of his natural life locked up.

And make no mistake, the prosecution of Manafort is just the opening salvo in New York’s fight against the Trump criminal syndicate. The fish rots from the head.

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