Love It or Leave It: An Open Invitation to Racists, White Nationalists and Supremacists to Leave America

Dear racists, white supremacists, white nationalists and accomplices:

You have heard your president, and from the rally chants you have been feeding him back, you are in love with his message about America: love it or leave it. But if you really, truly agree with his message, it’s time for you to pack your bags and get a one-way ticket out of this country. You hate America, and you need to leave.

Don’t you see? America has rejected your beliefs - and you have rejected what America stands for - over and over.

Your ideological ancestors got their asses kicked in the Civil War by American patriots who wouldn’t stand for your temper tantrum to allow you to secede just because these ideological ancestors of yours thought white people should be able to own black people. You can whine about confederate statues all you want. You can put as many confederate bumper stickers as you want right above your truck nuts. But the fact remains that your side committed actual treason - took up arms against the United States - and lost. Your love affair with the symbols of traitors and losers is in reality a symptom of the fact that you don’t love America.

So, leave.

Like the sore losers you are, your side then went on to lose almost every battle you fought out of your hatred for America. You all came up with “separate but equal” - which you knew was a lie - and America knocked it down. America stood up for desegregation of public schools and public places, something you hate. You did not want non-whites to be able to marry whites, and you lost that too. Because you hate the founding ideal of America - that all of us are created equal - you wanted to keep non-whites from exercising their democratic right to vote forever, and you failed. After all, you are not all that fond of representative government, which is what America is about.

So, leave.

Hell, just to piss you off, America elected a black president twice with huge majorities in the popular vote and the electoral college, something your Dear Leader will never be able to do. I mean, your guy lost the popular vote by 3 million votes even with help from Russia, and you were beside yourselves with joy. Your celebration of the overriding of the judgment of the American people with an undemocratic, slave-era institution resulted directly from your hatred of America. Because you can’t stand what America is, and you can’t tolerate what America looks like.

So, leave.

You celebrate and participate in rallies where people with torches shout racist, antisemitic rants. You defend when one of you kills someone who counterprotests you. That’s not loving America. That’s hating America. Not only because America is - albeit terribly imperfectly - the human embodiment of the idea of 'E pluribus unum’ (out of many, one), but also because America stands for the freedom of speech - without the threat of being killed by a car - for everyone, including the Americans you can’t stand. You are not only racist punks, you also don’t believe in the rights of our fellow Americans. Which is to say, basically, that you are not really American. You don’t love America.

So, leave.

You go to Klan rallies, I mean Trump rallies, and shout about “sending back” an American citizen who has been elected by American citizens to represent an American community in the United States Congress. Because you are cowards. Because you are afraid of a Congress that looks like the country. Because you fear the loss of privileges based on the color of your skin. Because you are terrified that people who don’t look like you, think like you, or hate like you are going to have an equal say in the direction of this country.

But that’s what America is about. You are afraid of what America is becoming. Because you don’t love America. You hate it.

So, leave.

And wherever you go when you leave, pray that they treat their immigrants with the kindness and compassion you would never show immigrants here.

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