The transition: welcome to my new digs

For 10 years, off and on - and too much off and on - I ran I'm proud of what it accomplished - explaining and advocating for the Affordable Care Act, President Obama's banking reforms, and countless other legislative and policy initiatives during the Obama administration are among my proudest accomplishments. Just as fruitful was our efforts in the last two Democratic presidential primaries, fending off the far left. Now, it's time for something new.

Why Switch to Something Different

The inconsistency on TPV, which was entirely my responsibility, diluted its visibility and impact, but that isn't really the reason to start something entirely new.

In the Trump era - and hopefully what is soon to be the post-Trump era - of American politics, it is going to be more important to combat extremism and clickbait if we are ever regain a sense of normalcy in our political discourse. That means taking back the debate from the deathgrip of ideologues, being ruthlessly realistic, and adding a voice to a growing if under-noticed chorus of pragmatists on the left trying to keep the Democratic party from suffering the fate of the GOP in the grips of the radical right.

We must be ruthless in our quest to reclaim the fight about what it means to be on the American left, what it means to be a liberal, and indeed, what it means to be an American.

So while I plan on offering much of the same content and tone as TPV, Reclaim the Fight will help brand my message better. Policy analysis from a vantage point of how best to help people and political analysis will still constitute the major pillars of this blog.

The TPV Archives

None of the content with TPV will be lost. Currently, the archives are still available at, and I will eventually migrate and integrate them to this site.

Welcome to my new digs.


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