"Would not grant other relief": Supreme Court deals fatal blow to sedition by Trump

 "This is the big one."

That's what Donald Trump said when he boastfully announced that his presidential campaign will "intervene" in the case filed by Texas and 17 other pro-Trump states in the Supreme Court against Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, seeking to keep the Biden electors of these latter four states from casting their formal electoral college votes that is scheduled, by federal law, in each state on Monday.

Texas, in an extraordinarily lawless move, sought to assert that it could compel other states on how to conduct their elections, despite the Constitution's guarantee that each state is in charge of its own elections. Texas, its 17 colluders, and 126 seditious Republican members of the House told the Supreme Court that the votes of their fellow Americans living in four other states should simply be disregarded.

It was a big one alright. The Supreme Court set a deadline of Thursday for the responding states to file their reply - in addition to which 23 states filed briefs supporting the states under assault by Texas - and it took the Court barely more than 24 hours to dismiss Texas's kraken out of hand.

The Supreme Court rejected the remedy Trump and federally indicted Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton were seeking 9-0, and on a 7-2 basis, the archconservative bench ruled that Texas lacked standing under Article III to even bring this ridiculous suit. Justices Alito and Thomas issued an opinion stating they believed that the Court had to take a case any time a state sues another, but in the same breath, they said that they "would not grant other relief," meaning that like their seven colleagues who turned Texas away at the door, they too believed that the frivolous case did not come close to meriting the remedy of disenfranchisement of millions of American citizens living in the defendant states.

Notably, the ruling means that all three Trump appointees to the Court, Justices Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, and Barrett, voted to dismiss the case both on standing and on merit. Trump had bragged repeated prior to and subsequent to his election loss that he had sufficiently molded the Supreme Court that it would be prepared to steal the election for him. They owed him, he thought. But it didn't pan out.

Even Trumpworld - though they are vowing to fight on - knows it's over. They know there are no rabbits coming out of hats. And so they are resorting to once and for all demonstrating that they never cared about democracy. The Chairman of Texas Republican Party released a statement plainly calling for Trump-voting states to secede from the union. Others are calling for military intervention and even civil war.

Let us be clear. A call for civil war against the legitimately elected government of the United States - namely the incoming Biden administration - is a call for treaston.

But this day brings more finality to this election than any day since November 7, when Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were declared the winner. The Supreme Court - along with countless state and federal courts - have now made clear that an election lost at the ballot box will not be reversed at the bench.

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