Swearing in the soul of America: The Inauguration of PRESIDENT JOE BIDEN and VICE PRESIDENT KAMALA HARRIS

Credit: Biden Inaugural Committee

History is here. We are its witness.

Today, we swear in a president who has dedicated a lifetime to public service, to uniting people, to empathy, to this country. Today, we swear in the second Catholic ever to be elected president, and the first president with a publicly known disability since Franklin Roosevelt. Today, we swear in a man who wrote the Violence Against Women Act, has enacted gun safety legislation, and has served faithfully and loyally alongside the country's first Black president.

Today, we swear in the first woman and first person of color to ever be elected Vice President. Today, a Black woman of Indian descent becomes the highest-ranking woman in the history of American politics. Today, we swear in a progressive prosecutor who has only ever had one client: the people, and a fearless Senator who put the issues of racial, education, environmental, and economic justice front and center.

And today, we swear in Beau's dad and Ella and Cole's Momala. Today we swear in the 'Pop-pop' of seven grandchildren and - and - Vice President Auntie! Today we swear in Dr. Biden's husband and get America's very first Second Gentleman in Doug Emhoff.

Today, America starts coming back.

Coming back from a terrifyingly mismanaged pandemic that has left 400,000 of our friends, neighbors, parents, coworkers, family members.

Coming back from an economy in tatters that has left millions unemployed and at the edge of disaster.

Coming back from democracy under siege by a madman, his enablers, and his mob.

Coming back from an America made small in the eyes of our international foes and friends alike.

Coming back from a nation infected by rising white supremacy and domestic terrorism.

President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris have their work cut out for them. We must give them our support, our prayers, and our patriotism. We must help them heal our country, rebuild broken trust, and create a more just and more perfect union.

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