Let’s Be Honest: There WAS Major Miscalculation on Afghanistan. By the Keyboard Commando Mainstream Press.

In Weak, Empty Threat, "Progressive" Establishment Thirsts for Relevance

The Far Left Grasps at Bigoted, False, Dumb Straws to Cope with Nina Turner's Loss

Cornel West: Nina Turner Was “Robbed” Because Shontel Brown Won Too Many Absentee Ballots. Also, Jews.

Real Democrats Are Fighting Back and Landing Punches: Why Nina Turner’s Loss Feels Different for the Alt-Left

Shontel Brown's Stunning Upset Victory and How Ohio Democrats Stopped the Coronation of Nina Turner

The Squad to Afghan Translators: Do Not Come

There is no such thing as "democratic" socialism. There never has been.

The Truth About Nina Turner's Record Is Catching Up With Her

The Angry White Left: Bernie Sanders and Maureen Dowd Continue to Center White Grievance, Smear Hillary Clinton, and Peddle Election Conspiracy Theories

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