The Syrian Base Trump "Hit" is Still Launching Attacks Against Civilians

 I think a key axiom of Donald Trump is that every single thing he does turns out to be mind-numbingly unproductive, if not counterproductive. Reuters is just reporting this:


So let's count the successes, shall we? First, US warns off Russians so that they have time to move Russian and Syrian assets and personnel (among those assets? I am going to take a really far-fetched guess and say there was some of that chemical stockpile). We would not have had to do this had there been an actual policy in place, such as a no-fly zone, which would have obviated the necessity to offer pre-warnings before such a raid. Because when you want explosions for just show, you don't actually want anyone involved in carrying out the horrific act you are purportedly punishing. Donald Trump still does not have a policy on Syria.

And now, Trump and his planners are so incompetent that the strike could not even do enough damage to the base hit by 50 US missiles for it to have to be taken out of operation. So not only has Trump's policy left Syrian children at the mercy of Assad - because Trump is still away Syrian refugees - he's left them vulnerable to attacks launched from the very location he bombed.

Are we going to find out next that some of the tomahawk missiles were gently put down there by laser-guided parachutes so the Syrians and the Russians can make use of them later?

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