A Solemn Obligation of Congress: Impeach and Remove Donald Trump

Of course, it doesn’t have to be said in a publication like The People’s View. But this is a moment when going on the record matters.

The House of Representatives should impeach Donald Trump, and the Senate should remove him from office and additionally, bar him from ever holding an office of public trust in the United States again.

Facts are stubborn things, as they say, and the facts in this matter are unchallenged.

Fact: Donald Trump, abusing his position as president, created and executed an elaborate channel to invite and obtain foreign assistance in digging dirt on a political opponent.

Fact: Donald Trump, abusing his office as president, used this channel consisting of his loyalists inside and outside the government, attempted to extort the president of Ukraine to publicly announce an investigation into Joe Biden, regardless of whether such an investigation was actually conducted, demonstrating consciousness of guilt and disregard for the facts as well as the law.

Fact: Donald Trump, abusing his office as president, withheld hundreds of millions of dollars in military assistance to the friendly government of Ukraine as part of this extortion scheme despite the aid having cleared all legal requirements, in violation of Congressional mandate and the public trust.

Fact: Donald Trump, abusing his office as president, denied - and is still denying - an official act (meeting in the White House) to the head of state of a friendly nation as part of his extortion scheme, subjugating American national interest to petty, political, personal gain.

Fact: In so-doing, Donald Trump, abusing his office as president, effectively favored America’s foe (Russia) over America’s friend (Ukraine).

Fact: Donald Trump directed the executive departments of the federal government to refuse to comply with the Congressional impeachment inquiry, the sole power to which belongs in the House, illegally and in an attempt to hide the truth.

Fact: Obstructing an official Constitutional act of the House - especially in which the House is granted ‘sole’ power in the Constitution - and refusing to produce documents and witnesses in compliance with a subpoena used under that role, is prima facie obstruction of Congress.

Fact: In America, everyone is protected under the law, and no one is beyond its reach.

Impeach and remove Donald J. Trump.

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