It's that day. Make sure you do something to help.

Photo: Joe Biden for President. License.

I know how everyone on the Democratic side is feeling today, because I'm feeling the same way. We are hard pressed to untie the knots in our stomachs, despite good polling numbers for Biden going into this election, as we are are debilitated with PTSD from 2016.

But today is election day, and we should all make sure that we're doing something to help end Trump's reign. So here's your challenge, should you choose to accept:

  1. VOTE, if you haven't already. Go to to find all the info.
  2. Make sure every Biden voter you personally know has voted. If they haven't, ask if you can give them a ride to the polls.
  3. Get every other Biden supporter to the polls. No matter where you are, you can make calls into a battleground state to get out the vote. These are the easiest calls to make. You are not persuading anyone. The people you are calling are already Biden voters; they just haven't voted yet.
Fight for every last vote. Fight for America.

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