Sunrise Movement, Other Alt-Left Groups Endorse Genocide Under the Guise of Climate Action


The far-left dark money group Sunrise Movement has, thus far, protested President Biden by dumping carts of cow manure at the White House entrance, held a PR stunt outside the White House, and attempted to make light of victims of gun violence.

All in service of action on climate change, we're told.

And now, they are arguing that ethnic cleansing, genocide, and religious persecution are just the cost of climate cooperation. In a letter that argues that the United States should overlook China's horrific record on human rights in order to secure its cooperation on global action to tame climate change Sunrise and a range of other alt-left groups say that the US-China relationship should emphasize cooperation and de-escalate competitive posture.

Ironically, the groups argue that the US posture against Chinese government policy somehow feeds into anti-Asian hate crimes in the United States while completely blind to the hate crimes the government of China is perpetrating against its own people.

Let's be clear: President Biden has carefully laid out a path of cooperation with China when it comes to addressing the global climate crisis. But as the President reiterated after his summit with Vladimir Putin, no American president can be true to the creed of this nation without standing up for the basic, fundamental, human dignity of all people.

That means confronting Vladimir Putin on the poisoning of political opponents and the invasion of Crimea while still working with Russia under the New Start Treaty to secure nuclear fissile material across the world. That means seeking cooperation from China, the world's worst offender when it comes to emissions while making it clear that the United States will not stay silent while the Chinese communist government tramples on the democratic rights of the people of Hong Kong, threatens the sovereign people of Taiwan, or systematically engages in ethnic cleansing and genocide of its Uyghur Muslim minority.

The confrontational posture on matters of human dignity not only cannot be compromised by the United States, we owe it to our role as the - however imperfect - leader of the free world to draw attention and call to action to engage the rest of the free world in a similar posture against the Chinese government's crimes against humanity. That and reinvigorating the competitive spirit in the economic arena should not hamper global cooperation, including China's, on climate action. It did not when President Obama succeeded in enlisting China in the Paris Climate Accord despite the United States, under Obama's leadership, consistently taking on China's disastrous human rights record and pursuing a transpacific trade agreement that, had far left and far right not teamed up to scuttle it, would have the biggest trade threat China had ever faced.

In fact, the US and China are already cooperating on climate under the leadership of the Biden administration.

But the signatories to this outrageous genocide-apologist letter are not merely ignorant of the complexity of geopolitics. Although the letter takes the veneer of wanting to stop the "new cold war" between the United States and China, they make it quickly clear where their biases - no, loyalties - lie, and their loyalties lie explicitly with the Chinese regime.

Keenly aware that China is now the world's worst carbon polluter, the letter deceptively points to historical emissions to determine each country's responsibility in addressing global climate change. They aim to hold the US responsible for a quarter of all global emissions since the industrial revolution (!) but painstakingly avoid breathing a word about the fact that China's current annual emissions are not only twice as much as that of the United States but that China alone accounts for almost 30% of global emissions right now.

There can be a debate about the relative weight to assign historical cumulative emissions vs present-day emissions to determine the relative responsibility of each country to address what is now a crisis, but cherry-picking only statistics that put the US in a damaging light while wholly ignoring numbers that may do the same for China is the height of intellectually disingenuous pro-China propaganda.

And that's what the Sunrise Movement and alt-leftist groups ultimately are: a pro-China, pro-genocide lobby.

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