Wambulance Alert! Matt Gaetz gets triggered because someone pointed out he's a white dude

The captain crunch of yesterday’s illegal Republican break-in of a private testimony in the impeachment inquiry, Rep. Matt Gaetz, went on MSNBC Live with Hallie Jackson to talk about his criminal activities. Jackson played a clip of Congresswoman Jackie Speier from Morning Joe calling the Republican foolishness “a high school prank by a 50-year old white men.”

That seem to have stuck in Gaetz’s craw even worse than the fact that Donald Trump’s defenses against impeachment are going up in flames all around the Republican party. “Did Jackie Speier identify my race and my gender?” he gasped. More bellyaching followed: “What is the fact that we are white men have to do with our desire to represent…” and it went down from there. He was deeply offended, y’all. DEEPLY OFFENDED! Watch:

The density of this man. “When Jackie Speier comes into a room, I don’t sit there and say a white woman came in, or when someone of a different race or ethnicity comes in.”

Where do you begin with this foolishness? First of all, nobody is triggered like Republican white men when they are identified by their race and gender. Hell, specifically addressing issues particular to given races and genders is what social justice is all about.

But more importantly, even the Congressman with a DUI arrest knows that the optics of a bunch of white men causing mayhem and breaking into secure facilities like goons in order to back a lawless, white supremacist president looks terrible.

Even he knows it went badly. And he’s triggered when someone brings it up, but let’s face it, it’s a raw wound, even if it’s self inflicted.

Let me call the wambulance.

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