"You're not a sucker to have integrity": A collection of tributes to the power and personification of kindness

Today, Chairman Elijah Cummings’s friends, family, and nation paid final respects to a man who lent his leadership without pride, provided compassion without prejudice, and battled adversity without bitterness. Until his last breath, he fought for democracy with unspeakable pain at the way our nation has treated the least among us of late, yet with indomitable hope and without a shadow of a doubt that we shall, one day, overcome.

Speaking at the Congressman’s funeral were dignitaries, colleagues, and staff who remembered him most as a friend and close personal counsel during the most difficult of times, and family and friends who spoke of his irreplaceable public service. Here are some of the comments from some of Congressman Cummings’s closest friends.

Maya Rockeymoore Cummings, wife of Elijah Cummings and chairwoman of the Maryland Democratic Party: He kept fighting.

President Obama: You’re not a sucker to have integrity.

President Clinton: You can’t run a free society if you have to hate everybody you disagree with.

Secretary Clinton: This is our watch.

Speaker Pelosi: How blessed are we.


At the end, I leave you with a heart full of gratitude and this soulful rendering of We Shall Overcome by the Glee Club at Moorehouse College.

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