Sound the alarm: Post Office holding up mail ballots in Miami Dade while Trump's press secretary brags about low Democratic turnout

It is unknown when Florida will ever learn to run a smooth election free of voter suppression, but what is happening right now in Miami Dade county is beginning to look like organized crime in broad daylight.

For the past few days, the Democratic early vote rate, inclusive of mail-in voting, in Miami Dade has been concerning Democrats in the state. Miami Dade is Florida's largest Democratic county, and it is expected that in order to win, Joe Biden will need to run up big margins in places like Miami-Dade and Broward counties. But right now, countless ballots are stuck in post offices in Miami Dade county, and Donald Trump's Postmaster General, Louis DeJoy - who began screwing with the mail as soon as he was appointed - is openly stating that sorting the mail stuck for over a week is expected to take past election day, effectively depriving every voter whose ballot is stuck of their already-cast vote.

State Rep. Kionne McGhee, the Democratic leader of the Florida House of Representatives who represents the area alerted the community on Twitter early this afternoon about what is happening at the Princeton Post Office in Miami. His video shows unsorted mail all over the floor and tables, some of which has been there for weeks. And yes, there are ballots in those weeklong piles.

Leader McGhee noted shortly after that original tweet that Postmaster General DeJoy is aware of the situation, but has cavalierly refused to act, saying that sorting all that mail will likely take past Tuesday, election day.

It's bad enough that this is just coming to light and the Post Office is kneecapped from helping. But here's the thing that really makes it obvious that this fish is rotting from the head.

Just five minutes after Leader McGhee posted the expose video on Twitter, Kayleigh McEnany, the White House Press Secretary, celebrated by posting from her personal Twitter account a clip of an exchange on CNN that noted the lower-than-expected early vote turnout in... you guessed it... Miami Dade.

Note the timestamps of Leader McGhee's expose and that of McEnany's celebration. Just five minutes apart. It's like McEnany knew what was happening (but it's unclear whether she counted on it being exposed).

McEnany's gloat and the discovery of blatant and intentional efforts by Trump's Postmaster General to suppress Democratic mail-in ballots in heavily Democratic counties is likely not a coincidence. Neither is the the fact that in the time that registered Republican ballots have been catching up to those cast by registered Democrats overlaps with the past week and a half or so - which would appear to be the exact amount of time many of these ballots are stuck.

According to Florida data from the US Elections Project, the mail-in ballot return rate for Miami Date is lagging the statewide return rate by almost double digits. As of the report this morning, 72.5% of all Florida mail-in ballots have been returned, but the same is true for just 64.7% of Miami Dade requested ballots have been registered as being returned.

So, what can be done?

Check your ballot status: The election ends in four days, and there isn't much time left. As an individual voter, if you have mailed your ballot, please check to make sure that it was received and accepted. The Florida Department of State allows voters to do so on its website at this link.

If your ballot has not yet been received and accepted, please cast a provisional ballot in person by following these directions in Miami-Dade or by finding instructions on your county through the Florida Department of State.

Don't let Donald Trump steal your vote. Hold him accountable and make sure a reckoning is coming for him by throwing him out of power.

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