BREAKING: Donald Trump has tested positive for COVID-19

After being exposed to Hope Hicks, who tested positive earlier, Donald and Melania Trump were tested and began quarantine this evening. Trump just announced on Twitter that he, along with Melania Trump, has in fact tested positive.

The Trumps likely contracted the virus from Hope Hicks, who was symptomatic as she board Marine One with Trump without a mask. The status of Vice President Mike Pence is unknown, as well as whether this rises to the level of incapacitation and whether Speaker Pelosi needs to be ready to assume the powers of the presidency.

Karma is not amused. I hope the people on the right understand now how serious the coronavirus is, and how, in their zeal to 'open everything up', they are endangering lives of millions of people. Fund the states. Wear a mask. Practice physical distancing. Close the bars. Give hazard pay to essential workers.

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