The Hunter Biden hoax just blew up. Or, how the dog ate Tucker's homework.

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Tucker Carlson, the Fox host and close friend of Glenn Greenwald, was set for what he sold as a big reveal: a big dump of what he described as confidential, incriminating documents about Joe and Hunter Biden.

Right wing media outlets, along with their so-called left-wing pro-Russia allies like Greenwald's tabloid, have been long attempting to manufacture a scandal about Hunter Biden's international business work and to try Joe Biden into it. But for a change, other national outlets have largely refused to dramatize a smear that they cannot independently verify and one sourced to a known Russian asset, Rudy Giuliani. And Joe Biden himself demolished the idea that he ever benefited from any foreign deals at the last presidential debate, reminding everyone that he's made 23 years of his tax returns, including every source of his income, public.

So Tucker, Glenn and others have been creating their own conspiracy bubble, which they supported by a series of manufactured 'supporting' material: an interview with a supposed business partner, an audio tape no one can verify, and interviews with Republican senators who could not find a shred of evidence to shake Joe Biden's integrity.

Even though all that was inside the bubble and everyone outside of the bubble largely rolled their eyes and moved on, Carlson is by far the most established and influential figure who'd been thus far successful at building a loosely coherent - though completely false and libelous - narrative inside that right wing bubble.

Until tonight. Those damning documents Tucker Carlson said he had that would bury Hunter and Joe Biden in the last stretch of the election? Well, it turns out the dog ate Tucker's homework.

You heard that right. Tucker Carlson is saying that he had his producer currier him the most important documents, authenticated and verified, that the documents then got lost in the mail, and nobody - not Fox News's New York offices where the documents were mailed from, not the supposed 'source,' nobody - kept a copy, paper or digital. Also, he won't name the "large national carrier, a brand name company."

I guess it would be kind of embarrassing if he did name the company and then other journalists - or heaven forbid, the company itself - found out that Tucker is just lying his pants off.

They made up the "scandal." They were hoping the rest of us were just as gullible as 2016, and that they could turn this fake story into this year's "But her emails." It was falling apart, so of course Tucker Carlson - whose own lawyers literally argued in Court that no one should believe anything Tucker says is factual - needed the journalistic equivalent of a dog that would eat his homework.

Womp, womp.

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