FBI is Pursuing a Political Vendetta Against Hillary Clinton, But is it Motivated by Racism?

The Guardian has become a better place for news and reporting since the departure of one Glenn Greenwald.

They are out this morning with an explosive report with sources within the FBI recounting deep hatred and antipathy towards Hillary Clinton paired with significant, if less intense, support for Donald Trump driving bizarre and craven leaks in the final week of the campaign. "FBI is Trumpland", says an FBI agent, while another report in the Wall Street Journal embarrassingly outs the Bureau for going after the Clinton Foundation based on a politically motivated book. And The Daily Beast details Rudy Giuliani's tentacles politically influencing the FBI field office in New York to use the Anthony Weiner investigation to widen the probe into Clinton, which low and behold is exactly what Director Comey announced last Friday.

While not all of The Guardian's sources agree that the FBI is in the bag for Trump, even those who disagree see an intense political hatred of the Clintons.

Here is the connection that even the outlets reporting this outrageous breach of nonpartisanship are not looking at: race. From the beginning of this campaign, Hillary Clinton has fought to build on the Obama coalition, sometimes now known as the ascendant coalition: women and people of color.

Hillary Clinton has closely courted Black, Hispanic and Asian Americans, among whom President Obama is wildly popular. Hillary Clinton has spoken out about systemic racism, and offers a concrete plan to address racial injustice in law enforcement. Hillary Clinton is campaigning with the Mothers of the Movement, black moms who lost their unarmed sons and daughters to police shooting. Hillary Clinton's turnout machine has heavily invested in black and Hispanic votes, and they seem to be paying off big dividends for her.

Donald Trump, on the other hand, has shunned all talk of racial justice, pretended that police and law enforcement racial bias doesn't exist, and demanded that everyone submit to "law and order" as if it were a TV series. That is music to the ears of white supremacists who believe the problem with people of color is that they're genetically more inclined to criminal activity. It's one reason Trump enjoys the endorsement of the KKK and is running big numbers among older, white, and male demographics.

In other words, the ascendant Obama coalition is taking control of national elections precisely at the moment the white share of the right wing vote is rising.

And at that exact time, as America is becoming more diverse than ever and the right wing whiter than ever, the FBI's makeup is following that of the right wing, not that of the country at large. African Americans now make up just 4.5% of FBI agents and Hispanics 6.8%, both figures the lowest they have been in 20 years.

Looked at another way, the FBI is whiter than the Republican National Convention.

What happens Donald Trump's racist pursuit of intensifying the white vote combines with his pretense that the problem with our criminal justice system is that black and brown people aren't submissive enough to law enforcement?

Apparently, a cult following of the candidate among the nation's largest law enforcement agency is the result.

There is no better case in point than the FBI and its Trumpland cultish interference in a presidential campaign in the 11th hour for diversification of law enforcement agencies across the country. It won't solve institutional racism, but it's a badly needed start.

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