Here's Proof that White Purity Progressives Literally Elected Donald Trump

 Yes, they launched every possible attack at Hillary Clinton during the primary.

Yes, they called her every name in the book during the primary and after.

Yes, they spread every false story, lie and misinformation about Hillary Clinton during the primary that Trumpers did in the general.

But heck, I am not even talking about that what they did to relentlessly attack, give the media cover to talk about bogus nonstories, and bring down Hillary Clinton rhetorically and organizationally.

I'm talking about voting. A lot of these horrendous specimens of sanctimonious petulance actually voted for Donald Trump.

Yes, you read that right. From CBS News exit polling:

27 percent of white voters who said they want the next president to change to more liberal policies voted for Trump.

27 percent. The purity liberals. They did not get their way in the Democratic nominating contest, so they have decided that chaos shall rein.

Let's do some back-of-the-hand math. If only 20% of the total white vote were liberal, 27% of that would work out to roughly 5% of the white vote. If those votes went to Clinton and not Trump, the white vote would be split 42-53, just 11 points in Trump's favor, as opposed to the actual results, a 21 point gap. Does anyone think Donald Trump would have won the election if he won the white vote by just 10 points?

Of course not.

And there lies your conclusion. White purity liberals cost us this election. THEY put Trump in the White House.

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