President Obama and his team are getting ready to kick some ass. Are you?

 No one realizes how not-normal Donald Trump's installation in the White House by an antiquated slave-protectionist system over the will of the people expressed by at least a 2 million vote margin than President Obama.

And so President Obama knows that as much as he deserves a rest after eight years of perseverance pulling America out of the worst economic ditch since the Great Depression, delivering health care reform and financial reform, and addressing climate change, the time for him to rest has not yet come.

Saturday, the New York Times reported that President Obama may once again take up the charge to coalesce the bewildered Democratic party into an organized resistance to President Pussygrabber, who will be installed into office by a vestige of slavery, the electoral college, having lost the popular vote by unprecedented margins.

“I’m going to be constrained in what I do with all of you until I am again a private citizen,” Mr. Obama, who will be living a few miles from the White House next year, told a meeting this past week of Organizing for Action, the group that maintains his political movement. “But that’s not so far off.”

President Obama's team has already been preparing, reported Politico. At one of the impromptu "Obama Anonymous" gatherings, the shock of the election turned into resolve to fight. Obama veteran Liz Jaff put it this way:

“The tipping point was when we started talking about how we could kick his ass, and that we could,” Jaff said. “You realize everybody wants to fight and you suddenly get hundreds of messages coming in from volunteers who you’ve worked with before.”

As much as one gets the impression by looking at the outside that Democrats are in disarray, trying to chase their own tails and pushing self-defeating false choices between advocating for equal rights and picking up the baton of economic populism, the palpable anger of two weeks ago is already taking shape into organized resistance. Reports point to flooding donations into rights groups, an early start on opposition research on Trump's possible Supreme Court nominees, and bubbling interest in the Obama-Holder effort to pursue redistricting reform once the President is a private citizen again.

President Obama is the kind of patriot that comes along once a century; and to have him followed by someone woven from the same cloth, Hillary Clinton, is an even rarer thing. But now that our vaunted "working class whites" have pushed aside our country's best chance of meteoric rise in the 21st century, President Obama and his team are ready to fight, once again, for a country that I sometimes doubt deserves his like.

President Obama will have not just the organizational chops but also the moral authority to lead the organized resistance against the rise of Trump and fascism in America. With turnout abysmal this year, President Obama remains uncontested as the person who has received more votes for president than anyone in history. His 2008 total was over 69 million votes, and in 2012 he received over 65 million. Hillary Clinton will have gotten more votes for president than anyone, except Barack Obama.

From the inception of his groundbreaking 2008 campaign, President Obama has operated on a creed: Yes, we can. We. President Obama has told us again and again that one president or one presidency - even one as historic as himself - would not be enough to heal America's wounds, do what needed to be done to fix all that was broken. He has told us from the beginning that he would need us.

If we are going to be honest with each other and with the President, we let him down. We let him down in 2010, when many of us pouted over infighting and did not vote, delivering historic gains for the Republicans in Congress. We let him down in 2014, when we refused to learn the lesson of 2010. And we let him down this year. We let him down by buying into a media narrative of corruption against a most ethical, competent candidate. We let him down by not fighting voter suppression effectively enough; we let him down by allowing a man who until 10 days ago had no idea that presidents need to staff the White House into the White House. We, the People, let our President down.

That has to stop. Now. President Obama understands the gravity of the moment. He hears the battle cry of the future. He realizes the precipice on which we stand. He is not doing this for his legacy but for our posterity.

He's ready to fight. He's ready to sacrifice again for the sake of our country. Are we? Are we ready to turn this election's horror into the greatest resistance movement of all time? Are we ready to do our jobs as citizens? Are we ready to make Citizen Obama an even more consequential leader than President Obama?

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