NY AG Eric Schneiderman Grabs President Pussygrabber by the Trump

 First, let me apologize for the visceral image I have irrevocably put in your head by my choice of headline. Truly, I'm sorry.

But it's true. President-elect Pussygrabber has agreed to pay $25 million to settle a class action fraud lawsuit against Trump University. I can neither confirm nor deny reports that he offered to throw in several tons of Trump Steak and a gold-accented gallon jar of Trump Vodka, but New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman declined on behalf of the victims.

All this comes after three years of litigation in which Trump had insisted, bigly I might add, that he would never ever settle, that it was a matter of principle, and that the people filing the suits had no case.

To put it in more serious terms, the man about to occupy the White House just essentially admitted that he defrauded thousands of people, or rather paid a gazillion dollars so he doesn't have to admit it.

But them emails though.

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