Trump's Transition is Already a Disaster

 Today marks a week that Donald Trump has been declared president-elect, and his team has done precisely nothing to put in motion the transition. Donald Trump was reportedly surprised when President Obama told him that he'd need to replace the entire West Wing staff. Forget Rudy Giuliani's impending rise to Secretary of State, as of this morning, Trump's transition team has yet to sign the proper paperwork to begin the work of the transition.

After Trump quietly removed New Jersey's corrupt governor Chris Christie as chairman of his transition team and handed the reins to his VP-to-be and firm believer in the electrocute-them-straight theory Mike Pence, this morning, the transition team's national security adviser and former head of the House Intelligence Committee suddenly called it quits. And the entire team is an angry, screaming mess.

In the mean time, the one decision Trump has made for sure - to appoint a racist hound to be his chief adviser (who also has no experience in government or real press) - is unsettling a ton of people and has blown apart his election-night pretense of unifying the country. Also, the president-elect and his family plan to treat the government as a cash conduit for their family fortune.

The transition efforts are going so badly that President Obama is having to take extra time to try to baby the manchild in gold chairs who just rode a racist wave to the White House. Leave it up to the black man to put in extra hours without getting any overtime while the white dude wants to have a part time presidency.

Congratulations, America. You broke it, you bought it.

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